Me at work Me at work About to go live in Paris 147988821 Live at a protest in Madrid 147988822 Watching National Day rehersals in Budapest 147988823 With US troops in Germany as they prepare to ship to Afghanistan 147988824 Live in Paris as Sarkozy wins French Presidency 147988825 Covering the Rwandan genocide from what was then Zaire 147988826 Live in London the moring after the 7/7 attacks. This is Tavistock Square when the bus was attacked, 147988827 About to go live in Israel during the Gaza War 147988828 Being interviewed by Italian TV 147988829 Scripting on the side of a tank during the Georgia War 147988830 Speaking to locals on the Golan Heights 147988831 Live in israel as Palestinian Prisoners are released 147988832 Filming in Northern Ireland 147988833 A flattering picture in the Kabul Burea 147988834 Live from the roof in Afghanistan 147988835 Wtih top Kabul producer Qais 147988836 The Kabul office 147988837 With local tribesmen in Northern Niger 148232867 Filming my role as a Tv reporter in a UK drama series 148232868 In Tripoli, Lebanon 148232869 Interviewing a guest in Tampa 148232870 An early GMTV picture, covering the James Bulger murder case in Liverpool 148232871 On the streets of Islamabad, Pakistan 148232872 With the dog we 'adopted' in Israel 148232873 Live in Sarajevo, Bosnia 148232874 Getting around in the Arctic Circle 148232875 In Armenia. hours after emergency law was declared 148232876 In a park in Moscow where they keep old Soviet statues 148232877 Recording a report in the Golan Heights 148232878